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A former Marine admitted stabbing an army reserve officer 44 times and shooting him twice, just an hour after his murder trial began.

Kevin Coset was charged with killing his lover Alvin Bulaoro, whose body was found zipped up in a sleeping bag in the back seat of his own car in January 2013.

The 27-year-old changed his plea to guilty after hearing the prosecution’s opening statement at the Vista courthouse, north of San Diego.

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He earlier decided to represent himself after years of legal wrangling over his mental fitness to stand trial and a stint in a psychiatric ward.

Coset wrote in chilling detail about murdering his victim, saying he ‘had to kill for the third time’ to ‘survive in my fight’, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Lieutenant Bulaoro, 24, went missing on December 21, 2012, and two weeks later his body was found in his Toyota 4Runner in the parking lot of a grocery store.

Detectives had little to go on until they found through Bulaoro’s phone records that he planned to meet up with someone the day he went missing.

Deputy District Attorney David Uyar said messages showed the pair were in a sexual relationship and had hooked up before they were due to meet.

Because the owner of the phone he called paid cash for his pre-paid cell, all they had was CCTV of the man who bought it.

Then they discovered the type of sleeping bag was sold at nearby Camp Pendleton, where Coset was stationed, just an hour before Bulaoro vanished.

This time the buyer used a credit card which detectives traced to Coset, and he looked the same as the man who bought the phone.

The same card was used to pay for a motel room in Fallbrook, near where the car was found, with an extra $100 charge for a missing comforter and cleaning a pool of blood.

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By the time police arrived the room had been cleaned, but traces of Bulaoro’s blood was found under the carpet and on the walls, ceiling, and furniture.

The Marine corporal was then arrested outside his barracks in February 2013 and found the gun used to kill Bulaoro in his car along with the journal.

‘My name is Kevin Coset. I am 23 years old and currently serving in Marine Corps. Over the past few years my life has been heading in a strange direction,’ an entry read.

‘Tonight I had to kill for the third time. It was a guy named Alvin Bulaoro out of Fallbrook.’

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Coset wrote he had to kill Bulaoro to ‘survive in my fight’ against something he called ‘the Musgrove organization’.

In some bizarre ranting he claimed the group had been plotting against him for years, entering his mind, and stealing his intelligence.

He is now behind bars and faces up to 51 years jail when he is sentenced on April 20.

Bulaoro, an immigrant from the Philippines, was enlisted in the Navy for four years and worked as a human resources officer at Camp Pendleton.

He got his bachelor’s degree and later became a lieutenant in the Army Reserves, and was just about to attend his commission ceremony.

‘Mom you’re going to be very proud of me,’ he told his mother.

– Daily Mail

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