Perfect Match

Ebru TV’s Perfect is one show that you must watch. This show is always full of dumb women and men, slay queens and kings who set high standards.

Most of these slay queens demand what they cannot even afford. From asking for a man who drives big machines, one who earns a six-figure salary to one who will pay their rent and take them to exotic places for holidays, the boy child has really suffered during these dates.

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Men are always left humiliated especially those who meet slay queens who look down on them yet they can’t even afford to fend for themselves.

Well, recently, identical twins identified Stephie and Santa Samperu went on a date with slay king, George.

Slay King George

George: I have talked to your friends and can’t tell the difference between you. Kindly reintroduce yourselves.

The twins go-ahead to introduce themselves but their body language speaks volumes. They’re already bored with the lad.

Twins Santa and Steph on a date with George

Stephie, one of the twins, who’s louder than the other one tells the guy

You’re behaving like a woman.

Perfect Match

After the introduction, George asks them why they aren’t eating (a plate of anjera is on the table)
and Stephie strikes

All of us are having this? I can’t share a meal with a stranger. I don’t like you by the way.

George: Didn’t you eat before you came here? I know you can finish this whole plate based on your body structure. Did you used to work at a construction(mjengo)?

Stephie insists she can’t share a meal with a stanger and George says;

Unadhani ulabwa kukula. Kufa njaa! Kuna watu huko Marsabit wanatafuta hii chakula (he says as he eats with the other twin).

Steph refers to George as a basic human.

Basic name for a basic boy. You’re too basic. I have an extra bra and thong in my bag, can I give it to you because you’re behaving like a woman.

Ebru TV perfect match

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The three argue for sometime and at the end, Steph takes away the tray with the food and they leave the boychild hanging.  The video has gone viral and below are reactions from Kenyans:

Dennis M’cherah Kumbe all this time the ladies were sitting on their brains🤔

Salome Wanjiku I Pity our Kenyan girls sometimes especially the ones who think they are too fly that a man should kneel down n beg them, unfortunately after marriage most of then have nothing to brag about in terms of their body n whatever else makes them feel fly Humble yourselves girls if a man does not interest you just be calm n communicate it the right way dont look down on that man

Ngendo Wa Mwangi That mouthy twinnie need some mental check up

Kimani Edward This show has really lost its purpose..its nolonger about dating. its like kila kitu hapa huwa kimepangwa siku hizi. Am finding it so so so boring!!!!nkt

Evans Omarion Give them three medals for being the most stupid people of the year 2018…add them 3 extra medals incase wapoteze zile za kwanza.Two confused slay chieth plus their imbicile king

Ngoto Nkera Nashipai How do they get guts to putting someone down whom you don’t know?I side with the nigga even if he looks confused, but ladies should stop expecting young men to be sponsors….si sisi wengine tupewe tujaribu hii blind date,it will be of respect……if I go for first date, politeness is the key, always remember that

Paige: Huyu safara akona umama kweli

Sharin Chiba: Mpaka the other twin anaona shame vile her sister anaongea gosh

Baraka Banyeene: Is this how Kenyan girls behave on dates

Marie Celstar Lakini ati you can’t share a meal with a stranger amevaa sportshoes smh my sister may tsunami take you to those with Ebola you share with them

Here’s the video