Crazy Ex-Girlfriend_SHOWMAX
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend_SHOWMAX

A young man is confused on whether to dump his girlfriend or not. According to this man, both he and his girlfriend are jobless but she’s always bringing home huge chunks of money on a daily basis.

‘My Girlfriend Smelled Of Condom Down There,’ Reveals City Man

He doesn’t know where exactly she gets the money and recently, she gave him money to start a business though he’s sceptical about it.

Here’s what the confused man wrote to a relationship expert;

“My girlfriend, who is not working how she gets the money she spends on us? I know I am jobless but not foolish or useless .my girl is not working but she brings money home, funny I have not seen her with any man but the kind of money she gives me makes me wonder. She just gave me 600k and asked me to open a business, I tried to ask her how she got it and she got upset and asked me to be a man that is all she wants. If I find out she is sleeping with anybody to make money, I will dump her. I am not the kind of man who will share my woman with another man. I know I might not be able to give her all she wants but we better die of hunger than her sleeping around . I need you all to throw more light on this before I invest the money.”

Check out reactions from social media;

Anu: die of hunger alone. I don’t even care if she slept with anybody, u should just don’t let her die with you.

nigerian_duchess: Can’t her parents give her money ? Must it be prostitution ? Your Sexism is out of hand. If it was a guy would your first instincts be that he is prostituting for money

catherine_bakura: Dump her and see how karma will catch with up with. Even if she has slept with someone to get the money for you, you think it’s an easy something? But u have been collecting the money bah? Idiot u Dont want to share ur woman but u r collecting money from her . better return all the monies u have ever collected from her before dumping her .

adetywo: You are simply lazy brother…

theoluchiekeruche: LMFAO, my advice is, give her back her 600k and dump her. Foolish cow, this is the reason you’ll forever be useless. You have a girl that can even give you that amount of money and is supportive of your broke ass, yet you are complaining and looking for faults.

elmizzy: See fowl!!! Ur already thinking of investing money u don’t know the source of. Decent man indeed. Lol.