Yvonne Okwara Mpasho

Yvonne Okwara has joined media practitioners in defending Inooro TV presenter Victor Kinuthia, who was mercilessly trolled.

Citizen TV reporter

Victor was called in to work to step in for Citizen TV. He was thrown into a situation where he had to give a live report update of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro’s arrest.

The reporter was tensed up and seemed to have been caught unawares. He normally reports in his native Kikuyu language.

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Many journalists have spoken out about their first experience on-air, defending Victor. Citizen TV’s Francis Gachuiri tweeted,

I stand with Victor. For a full-time young Inooro TV correspondent to take up the challenge and try out an English live link on prime time TV is courage. He may have faltered but it was a valuable learning experience and opportunity. He will build on it.

Yvonne Okwara, who has in the past been trolled for being a ‘poor’ presenter, shared her worst experience on TV.

She shared a thread on Twitter inviting other people to share their first experience on air.

The year is 2012/13. I’ve been doing prime time news for only a few months. My co-anchor is @NdunguwaMburu. I have a very important interview with an MP on an issue that affects the media fraternity. The entire industry is watching my interview,’ she wrote in part. 

She continued,

Interview begins, and I can tell it’s going downhill from there. MP runs me out of town during the conversation. I was not as prepared as I should have been. I can feel my phone vibrating like mad. Twitter notifications in their hundreds. SMS coming through. Massacre!

My colleagues at the station are upset. Those in other media houses are dismayed. I’m trending on Twitter. Words like “bimbo” , “slay queen” , “nothing between her ears”, “hired for her looks, not her brains

To make it worse, I have to continue with the news bulletin that night. My Face is hot. I’m embarrassed but I push it through. It’s only Monday, so I will have to anchor news the rest of the week with this hanging over my head!

My boss @jageyo sends me a very encouraging text. “Bad day at the office. You will get through this. Learn from this, you will get better next time” I am not even sure he remembers this!I anchored the news through the week and was even allowed to do more interviews! Ha! Here we are, many years later.

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Just like the rest of the journalists, who had it tough on the first day on air, Okwara added that

It can be very tough making mistakes on a national platform before millions of people. But I’m all the better for it! Rough for all of us, no matter the platform. What was your #FirstTime like? Let’s share and encourage each other!

Check out reactions from Kenyans

Kinyanjui Kombani #MyFirstTime I auditioned for a radio presenter job at @CapitalFMKenya
(early 2000’s). Immediately the mic went on I went blank. The guy behind managing the equipment just waved me away. l still remember the look on his face – this
😠 That was my short lived career in radio.

Areba Samba As an advocate I was once sent to court not knowing the difference on how to address a Judge and a Magistrate. The judge noticed I was newly admitted and took me through the basics. The journey has to start somewhere.

Vitalis Makhotsa Thank you Yvonne. Here you are, one of the best journalist this country could ever produce.

Wilson It’s hard to speak of the struggles we facing when we don’t know if we may be in the struggle forever.

Sidney Anyone who has done live reporting knows it’s not a joke. Leave alone a situation of a tensed environment.

Man’ong’o My #FirstTime was super embarrassing. it happened in class, it was a radio production class. I’m super excited to just get into the studio and express until I was on the Mic and all I could say is ‘Hello my name is Joshua’ blank and dry. Mwalimu made it worse..