Singer Akothee has joined the very tiny and exclusive club of private jet owners in Kenya. It includes DP William Ruto, Humphrey Kariuki, Chris Kirubi among others.

The jet arrived today at the Wilson Airport. She ordered it under Silverstone, where she is the brand ambassador.

Akothee took to social media to share the great news with her followers.

She wrote,

Was worth waiting for my #exercutivejet to land #madambossExecutivejet thank you so much @silverstoneairservices for making my dream come true🧚‍♀️ no more rush hours ❤❤💋

The singer with her bodyguard carrying her yellow hand bang and friend

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The price for a brand new private jet is $3 million to $90 million. Akothee’s manager in an interview with said,

Through Silverstone Akothee ordered for an executive charter to make her business meetings easy as she spends most of her life in the Air.

He added,

She launched an executive private charter to all destinations. She flew this morning to Watamu via Malindi following up on her new villa she purchased at Paparemo Beach in Watamu.

On September 2, Akothee will be launching Silverstone to Homabay (a new route).

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Here are the photos

Akothee's private jet
inside Akothee’s private jet

Akothee's private jet

Akothee's private jet

Akothee's private jet


The mother of five is milking money from brands and was recently named the brand ambassador of Peptang.

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Akothee is set to perform at upcoming Luo Festival and events organizer-cum-presenter Jalang’o revealed that hiring her is expensive. Taking to Instagram, Jalang’o wrote,
‘I could not confirm @akotheekenya for Luo Festival because of a lot of things but that was until yesterday when we met and she agreed that she will be performing! To have Akothee for your show is not easy and even her coming to Luo festival is almost impossible!
1. Akothee logistics is crazy…apart from your security she has her own security who must ensure that everything is fine…that is 10 security team! 5 men 5 women!
2. Akothee flies to Luo FESTIVAL from Wilson to Carnivore! Don’t forget that Wilson and Carnivore share fences! She just does not come! She makes an entrance! Helicopter costs 200k from Wilson to Carnivore! Thanks to @silverstoneairservices this cost has been taken by them!
3. Akothee has her own backstage…changing room four full length mirrors, 4 lounge seats , 5 cases of still water , 5 cases of sparkling water, 40 white towels, private bathroom and toilet, private live Kitchen and private chef, assorted juices of different flavours that must be Orchid Valley , 10 flower bouquets, a massage table and 4 private assistants!
4. Since the show ends in the night you must organise a limousine to take her to her hotel since when she is performing she doesn’t stay at home but prefers the privacy of presidential suite!
5. Her performance fee is a story for another day!! But now we can confirm Madam boss will be available because all this has been confirmed by our sponsors PEPTANG!