Gospel singer Boss MOG  a.k.a Paul Onyango has had to speak out about a time in his life, a night of hot and heavy lovemaking, lead to blackmail and extortion.

There are times he went without food and accumulated rent arrears to pay for child support after a girl he had a one-night-stand with told him she had his child.

Boss narrated the sad series of events to Pulse magazine that lasted him three good years.

“I have been exploited mentally and financially by a certain lady called Tina. I have been going through this since 2015 and I can’t keep this a secret anymore. So I called you because I wanted to let it out…let the public know the truth,” Boss said with ballanced unshed tears.

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bossBoss said that the lady in question introduced herself as a journalist and a member of a Swahilli jazz band.

“When I met her back in 2015, she sounded like she was the answer to my questions as a young entrepreneur who had just started a new music label and that is why I let her in and then one thing led to another. I have been living in agony.”

Boss was embarrassed to reveal that he did not even know her second name.

“The truth is that we had sex but it is not like we were lovers. No, it was one of those things you find yourself in. Something you do and wish to forget. That was just it,” confesses Boss.

Boss MOG

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After this, his life went hay-wire. Boss was asked to pay child support or face being exposed for being a fornicator and a deadbeat father.

“I kept on having this feeling that something wasn’t right…something wasn’t adding up. I could tell that the pregnancy was probably not mine and this was blackmail but now, the threats were real and my name would soon be on the line.”

Boss continued, “I gave in to her demands and agreed to give child support even as she asked me to keep off her life. Every time I wanted to go see them, she would bring up lame reasons as to why I could not visit and that’s how I never got to see them for the three years.

At times when it’s raining I would imagine may be they are out there getting rained on or may be some days they wouldn’t have anything to eat, but she never wanted anything to do with me getting close to the baby something I found both heart-breaking and weird.”

Boss M.O.GBoss would pay her Sh10,000 or even Sh15,000

“Literally, I felt like I was living for this. It is like I owed my life to it.”

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Boss got tired and told his baby mama that he would like to see his child. When he pressed her, she eventually gave in and told him, the child isn’t his.

“When I later called her to ask if they were still meeting me, she went cold, and in an unfriendly tone said the whole baby talk had been a lie and that I should forget it all together.”

When called for comment the lady only identified as Tina said she had to lie to him because she was going through a “rough patch and had to make ends meet”.

Adding, “I am a very small person, how can I market his (Boss) label while he is the one with such a public image to do so. Isn’t that a lie?” Tina challenges in defence.

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