Frankly speaking, not many of us watch TV. We choose to get all our news and entertainment online. This could be catching up with your favorite celebrity’s Facebook or Instagram updates or discovering the latest music videos on YouTube.

The most common habit that most of us love is watching our favorite movie series on a laptop by the pool side on lazy Saturday afternoon. It is just what it is. For a long time, there hasn’t been a kick ass TV show that can actually make you sit on the couch on a Sunday night …until The Search on Kiss TV came about.

We all know it as the show that seeks to discover the next big musical act in Kenya. The contestants were sourced from all over the country and bring a diverse mixture of vocal capabilities.

This Sunday, all eyes will be on the next episode of The Search, which will feature contestants Said Abdallah, Moonboy, Tabitha, Serro and others. The super talented pool will be battling it out as they race to winning 1 million shillings and an amazing recording deal.

This week on The Search, you’ll get to meet the other 7 contestants including the boy-band all the way from Kisii town! The competition is tight folks …but still, three must go home. Tune in this Sunday at 8PM on KISS TV

The show will be graced with your favorite Kenyan gospel singer Size 8 who will be a judge. Stay tuned on Sunday, 8PM, Kiss TV!