LiIlian Muli Kanene

Lillian Muli has appeared in public for the first time after breaking up with the father of her second born son.

Lillian Muli with Jared

The sexy screen siren shocked many on Christmas eve after she took to social to beg her fans to stop associating her with the Shabana FC boss Jared Nevaton Ombongi. She set the record clear, saying they were no longer together

I’m officially single and will now focus on raising my boys. As public figures, we meet all sorts of people and most just want trophies whether you are well known or not be very careful who you allow into your life don’t go giving your heart to everyone. Sociopaths Will keep you entangled in their web of lies and you will be one of their many victims. when you actually believe someone is true to you only to find out they are community husbands you are safer stepping aside. Nobody should ever tag me in posts about Jared Ombongi who has previously been associated with me I disassociate myself from such links from today. As politicians say “I would rather die” than be linked to a polygamist! Narcissism is real. Stay woke. I speak out because no one will ever embarrass me again. #tooprecious#notcommon#knowyourworth#boraugali.

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 Well, Lillian Muli seems to be healing quickly and two days after the nasty break up, she shared a photo hanging out with her first husband and baby daddy Moses Kanene and their son Joshua.

Sunshine even on rainy days ☺️with Kanene and Joshua.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli with her baby daddy Kanene and son Joshua

Check out comments from her followers:

scolah_n@your_nana Am here hoping Kanene has not moved on yet. Looks like a perfect family structure. A girl deserves the best!

arapkiongo Your ex-husband loves u I can see it in his eyes

okomofaith Don’t worry the storm shall come to pass..❤️❤️❤️

edomealice The boys are a copy of the other

janetty_wendy Every woman has her Denis itumbi

enmmacharia Wah talk of cloning!! He’s a replica of the dad!

carolynsilvano Like father like son. You look beautiful together. Wish you can talk things over and get

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Annah back together. It not too late. Love you, Lillian,😍

adonijah_otieno Lilian confuse your enemies

dotykwambs The wind will pass but the children interest is quite important to maintain parental standards!

binti_ya_mfalme It doesn’t rain forever

ed_nyarmasaku How I pray you get back together…. Wachana na wakisii

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