Wibroda Awinja Actresses

Papa Shiradula’s duo Awinja and Wilbroda are without a doubt the most talented actresses around. They are among the few female celebrities who have always kept their private lives away from the public spotlight. They are never in controversy, unlike their counterparts who make headlines for all the negative reasons.

Everybody Is Talking About Papa Shirandula’s Awinja This Weekend! Find Out Why

Awinja and Wilbroda have won the hearts of many locally thanks to their creativity. Both of them are are living large while their counterparts languish in poverty. The two hardworking ladies have become corporates first choices as we have seen them work with some of the top companies around.

Well, on Friday night during the Bingwa Awards ceremony, many local celebrities graced the red carpet and Awinja and Wilbroda were among them. Wilbroda dressed in a body hugging long black and gold dress showing off her massive cleavage while Awinja went for something different unlike her usual gowns on the red carpet. They all looked sexy, leaving men at the event salivating. Hello Team Mafisi, below are the photos, go through