Boniface Mwangi

Activist Boniface and his family are lucky to be alive today. On Saturday night, they escaped death by a whisker in a grisly road accident along Mombasa road.

boniface mwangi

Mwangi took to Twitter to share the sad news, preaching about drunk drinking, which has been the gospel this festive season. Boniface revealed how they stayed at the scene for several hours waiting for the police to arrive only to show up later.

A drunk driver almost killed my family. It’s almost been an hour since the accident happened. Called 999, still waiting. There is a police roadblock up ahead, cops from Industrial Area but they won’t respond because the accident happened in Embakasi police area.

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The father of three also revealed that the driver of the car was carrying alcohol in his car and also didn’t have a driving licence.

Drunk driver has been breathalyzered and found to be drunk and no DL. He has been arrested. Alcohol impounded. I have been told to go on Monday and get a police abstract. My family is safe. Thank you George Dass for stopping, ensuring everyone was safe and staying all through.

The driver of car was taken to Embakasi police station, where he’s currently being held.

If you’re the insurer of KCE 2***, the car’s driver was totally drunk. Alcohol was also found in his car. Driver is locked up at Embakasi Police.Owner of the car has shown up at the scene, spoken to the cops, he wants a version that will make the insurer pay for his driver’s DUI.

Check out photos from the accident scene