Bonfire vs street couple

Couple Sammy Githae aka Blackie and his wife Virginia Njeri are back to the streets again. The two became internet sensations after a local photographer called Muchiri, shared transformation photos of them after a Valentine’s shoot back in 2018.

Chokora couple
Sammy and Virginia

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The street couple was later taken to Diani for a fully paid romantic gateway by Bonfire Adventures. They were pampered by the tours and travels company, little did they know this would only last for four months.

"Chokora” couple
The “Chokora” couple on vacation

In an interview with KTN, Sammy accused the photographer and Bonfire of using them. He narrated how he had been promised five months rent and a car wash business to be opened for them. He said:

He only paid our four months rent. After the four months elapsed, things became tough for us. We couldn’t secure a job to pay rent.

He went ahead to narrate how whenever he looks back at the photos after leaving the streets, he sinks into depression. He ruefully said:

When I look at the photos, I remember that journey and I fall into depression. The situation becomes worse when my colleagues laugh at me saying even if you go LEAVE AND FLY ANYWHere, you will always come back here.

Chokora couple
Sammy and Virginia

The video has gone viral, forcing Bonfire co-founder Sarah Kabu, to respond to the allegations.

Simon and Sarah Kabu
The Bonfire founders at a function

She took to social media to brand the KTN journalist who reported the story as a liar and her message read:

I don’t like lies by KTN JOURNALIST the street couple went for the holiday NA photos ziko online… we paid 6months rent and gave them cash to start a biz. I don’t know what else they want we cant feed them forever! They were also given a job at Kericho and they turned down the offer.
Githeri man was ever drunk and his voucher is still open. From now henceforth let me not see anyone tagging me in a post to give a holiday to anyone being celebrated online… everyone knows we keep our word. all photos online.

The couple currently lives in Nairobi’s CBD streets and not so long ago, Virginia was arrested alongside other street urchins and taken to a popular police station.

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