Rapper Barak Jacuzzi and his ex, Kairetu, have addressed their very public altercation at the backstage of Konshen’s concert at Ngong Race Course on Sunday.

It seems like the two still have some chemistry, some sizzling sexual tension between them.

Asked whether they will get back together, Barak said, he would but on one condition.

“If she wasn’t crazy, it would be cool but she can’t stop being crazy.”

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Kairetu interjected by saying, “He wasn’t saying that earlier when he had a boner.”

Adding, “You make me crazy he does things that make women go crazy.”

Barak and Kairetu have been dating for two years. On and off.

He narrated how they met.

“We met at Huduma centre. I did look and look [at her she was stunning]. It is not a crime. We saw each other in a club two months later when I was single. We have been on and off for 2 years.”

Kairetu interrupted him saying, “He stared me down and he was with his girlfriend at the time.”

“The rapper defended himself saying, “You wasn’t saying that when my thumb was up your b*tt,” laughing he added, ” I was just playing. I don’t do the thumb b*tt thing.”

She continued, “Everyone thinks I’m too fine to be f*cking with you. Should I show them the last nude I got on your phone? OMG, a fat a*s b*tch with a huge stomach. She was huge.

‘Barack Jacuzzi’s pull out game is sh*t!’ Kairetu shouts

Barak hit back saying Kairetu also has questionable taste in men. He said, “Why are you fucking fat niggas.”

Finally, Barak told Kairetu, “I do hope you find someone that treats you right and doesn’t have infidelities.”

Here are photos of the two together that shows how interesting their body language is.

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