Chepkorir, a Form Four student paid tribute to her ‘father’ Bob Collymore on Thursday during his Memorial service.

While giving her speech, she talked about how her father-daughter relationship started with Collymore.

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She reminisced about her first meeting with Bob Collymore on the streets of Nairobi at the Kenya Conservatoire of Music.

She approached him as he headed to his car and introduced herself as a student at the academy and requested him to visit the school.

Surprisingly, he didn’t think twice. He enthusiastically said ‘yes’,” she said.

After the event, she looked for him and asked whether he lived in a cave because he couldn’t be found on social media.

He gave me his contacts and that is how we started out father-daughter relationship.

The Safaricom CEO told her,

The joy of knowing children like you and all the wonderful children in the academy is immeasurable.

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During Father’s Day, Chepkorir wrote to Bob and said that when her fellow students talked about their fathers, it is he who first came to her mind.

He said that was the most heartfelt message he had ever received and that they shared the same father experience and refused to let the past define his future and had chosen to live a deeply fulfilling life.

The young student recounted how Bob was supposed to briefly attend a sports day at the academy because of his busy schedule, but he ended up staying for longer.

His emails always ended with: We all now have to focus on improving those grades as promised. On behalf of the students, his wish will be fulfilled.

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