The late Bob Collymore’s ‘boys club’ has found a bottle of the rare whisky that was meant for President Uhuru Kenyatta as a gift from Bob before his death.

Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth on Sunday revealed that the ‘boyz club’ has scoured the world for the bottle.

He said that they were able to find the last bottle available globally of the exclusive whisky Uhuru missed from the late Collymore.

Bob Collymore smiles from heaven! Jeff Koinange fulfils his last wish

The revelation was made during a memorial service of Kenneth’s mother at his home in Loresho on Sunday.

The Star has established that has been shipped by special courier from Amsterdam for the President.

The limited edition whisky Uhuru missed drinking with Bob Collymore and his squad

A member of the club called it

“an unbelievable stroke of luck to find it, but suffice to say, Bob Collymore may have helped from high up!”

During Collymore’s memorial service, Uhuru said he was disappointed he did not get time to return to Collymore’s house to collect a ‘special gift’.

“I was supposed to have gone back to collect my gift reserved for a special friend from Bob and so Peter Kenneth, Oigara and crew, you will pay. That did not belong to you,” Uhuru said.

It later emerged that Uhuru’s gift was bottle number 138 of Johnie Walker Directors Blend.

Bob Collymore limited edition Whisky

According to Diageo’s website, the whiskey edition was released in 2010 and given exclusively to Diageo directors.

The drink containing 46 per cent alcohol volume is packaged in 700 ml bottle that retails at Sh 460,000.

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