When Mpasho interviewed her boyfriend Juliani, he said that she’s been a blessing in his life and that he thanks God for having brought her in his life. To cut the complexity short, Brenda Wairimu – in case you didn’t know – gave birth and that’s what Bob Collymore was happy about.

He went to her home in Mombasa to congratlate her for her new blessings. The bubbly actress took to IG to share her joy for the apprecation and we are in an “aaaawwww” type of mood.

At Mpasho TV, we’re genuinely happy for her and we can’t wait to see the baby grow and make her mommy proud; I am predicting the next famous actor has been brought to Earth.

Some of the guys who have also made visits include NTV’s Mohammed Ali and activist Boniface Mwangi.