Bob and Ken

Ronnie Osumba, who unsuccessfully vied for Deputy President in March 2013 as the running mate to Peter Kenneth has remembered his late friends in a touching tribute.

Osumba’s two close friends Safaricom boss Bob Collymore and Kibra MP Ken Okoth succumbed to cancer in July 2019.

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The politician, alumni of Starehe Boys Centre, reminisced the good times they shared together.

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Bro, I am so sorry I missed your calls on Tuesday night. I was at PKs planning for his mum’s burial yesterday. As soon as I saw those calls, I felt a knot in my gut. It bothered me deeply. I knew how rare you are on the phone lately. I knew I had missed a chance. Obviously my numerous calls afterwards and texts until this morning went unanswered as your phone was off. But you know what, I am glad you left in your classical style, AT YOUR OWN TERMS. I pray that we shall be able to bury you at your terms, though many may not understand. You lived a full life bro. You leave a legacy that your family and friends, the whole country, will forever remember. From the day we met in 1991 some 28 years ago, me a new student at Olympic Primary and you a KCPE candidate, I knew our destinies were tied. You told me no one should push me around in my new environment and if for some reason I couldn’t handle you would be there. You have been brother. From the hood in Kibra, our primary school life in Olympic, to Starehe. I actually never knew of Starehe until you made it there. At prize giving day in 1992 you told me you were expecting to see me at Starehe. I made it bro, and you were there to receive me with your big smile. I am sorry though for the trouble I gave you as my class prefect. It was bad judgment on Griffins part to make you make you my prefect. Lol. You have been such an inspiration to me, and to many. You were never pretentious. You spoke your mind fluently and stood by what you believed in no matter the cost. Perhaps you learnt well from the quote Griffin emblazoned infront of his office that “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true”. Even when the tide was going against you, you fought for what was just! One day I will tell of how in 2013 when party nominations were being wrung out of your hands, you called and without hesitation we secured for you a standby nomination at KNC. I still believe you would have won with whatever party. You know why? Because you were authentically Kibra! Born and raised and schooled in Kibra. I mean, you could even speak fluent Kinubi!!! #RIPKENOKOTH

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Osumba shared photos he took with the two gentlemen at an event and promised to write a book about them.

Ronnie Osumba

‘These 2 gentlemen shaped my life in such profound ways that I can only capture in a book (which I shall write). Their deaths, both from cancer, in July last year was very painful to me and a nation and set me on a new course of self-discovery, pursuit of a path that elevates others no matter how small they are. It has been a difficult year, yet the most fulfilling in my adult life yet. I have a long way to achieve what these gentlemen did in their lives, but I am inspired by the legacy they left. Bob and Ken hope you are filling Heaven with as much laughter as you did us, and trailblazing up there. Keep resting my main men!’ he wrote.


those pics are taken on the same day at the same event on June 2015 at the Queens birthday celebration at the High Commissioner Residence. Ken is sharing the tribulations he was having with ODM for supporting the NYS project that was going on in Kibra, while Bob must have been bubbling on in his typical funny fashion about the many exciting things he was doing in Dandora, Turkana or God knows where else.

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One day I will tell of the plans you had for the future. For Kibra. For Kenya. I will tell how you lived these words at the assembly hall entrance; "THE PATH OF DUTY, IS THE WAY TO GLORY". You have been a soldier for what is true and what is just. You have worked for the people of Kibra as their MP, and the people of Kenya in parliament. Many will know you for these. But some will know you for what matters most…you loved, you cared, you protected. I have a lot to say about you bro. But I keep crying after every thought. So I will stop now. But I will never forget what you were to me….a brother, a friend, a mentor. I will never stop believing in what you stood for “EDUCATION FOR ALL IS JUSTICE TO ALL”. God is pleased. Griffin is accomplished. Your mum is proud. Monica is complete. REST MY MAIN MAN! #RIPKENOKOTH

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