Jua Cali

Nairobi ni shamba la mawe and one has to be extra careful when dealing with everyone both friends and strangers.

King of Genge Jua Cali is among the many celebrities who’ve been conned.

Jua Cali and Lilly Asigo
Jua Cali with his wife Lilly Asigo

The artiste shared his story on the new TV series, Janjaruka (Wisen Up), which is produced by Flick 7Pictures. It launched yesterday at Pawa 254 offices.

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The Flick7Pictures director while talking about the series said,

Our aim with Janjaruka is to begin a conversation about being conned in Nairobi. And to ask the question, is there anything we can do about it. If something sounds too good to be true, it’s because it almost always is. So we all need to wisen up.

Jua Cali was conned in 2004, when he was still upcoming artiste. Together with a group of artistes Jua Cali went for a show in Busia but the mistake they made was not signing a contract and asking for a downpayment.

They didn’t confirm whether they had been booked in a hotel and transport provided as well.

They assumed that the promoter was an angel. A well-organised angel.

We arrived in Busia safely and everything was okay. The club was packed but before we went on stage, we asked for the payment.

This didn’t happen, the promoter tricked them.

He told us we’re still collecting the money because people are still coming in (gates are still open to revelers). He persuaded us to go ahead and perform.

During that time, Jua Cali and the rest were hungry for success and they were trying to make it in the industry and so they agreed to perform first.

After I was done performing, I asked him about the money and he kept taking me round in circles. He told us to wait until the following morning.

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They obliged and the following day after breakfast things took the worst turn.

I called him several times but calls weren’t going through. We decided to ask around the hotel if he had spent the night there but we were told he left at 5 am after the show.

The Kiasi hitmaker kept calling but the promoter’s phone was still off and they got worried. Later, they decided to look for the club’s owner, hoping that they would receive their pay.

When he arrived at the hotel, he was sorry about the mess but he was clear that we didn’t sign a contract with him. He told us ‘I can’t pay you because we had no contract. Sorry about everything and the only thing I can do is help you with fare back to Nairobi.’ Jua Cali narrated.

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They thought the promoter would show up but he never did.

‘When it got to 4 pm, we knew tumechezwa. We had no option but to board an Eldoret Express back to Nairobi without the money. We branded him a conman,’ he said.


We started getting shows and that bad experience faded away as time passed by but I kept remembering it. We later found out that he went into hiding in Uganda and passed away a few years ago.

Below is the video