Evelyne Wanjiru

Gospel star Evelyn Wanjiru has narrated her last memories of her dad.

Speaking to Diaspora TV,  Evelyn said that her late dad got in trouble with the law and he got arrested.

While in prison, the family of five children and their mother, couldn’t support themselves and they fell on hard times.

“My mum is a Luhya and my dad is a Kikuyu. My dad (rest in peace) used to be well off when we were growing up until when I was 9.”

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“Things changed after he got into some issues and we had to shift to Nakuru and my mum started roasting maize by the roadside. We left my dad in Nairobi and because my mum could not afford to take care of us we were shared among relatives.”

Eventually, Evelyn’s dad was released from prison.

“One day we just saw my dad at the door, at the time my mum had rented a single room. My only brother had at the time gone to ushago and when he came back to Nairobi he was speaking Kiluhya fluently and when my dad saw that he just broke down. He could not believe that his son could not talk in Kikuyu.”

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Things started to look up as they united as a family.

“When my dad brought us together they started to work together bringing stuff from Kakamega and opened a food store. It was doing well and the house became well. In 2006 my dad became sick and started bleeding in the tummy. One day I was called and told that he had collapsed while having a good time with his friends.

Evelyn continued,

“I visited him in Nakuru on a Saturday evening and promised to visit him the next day as my mum had gone to see my sister in Mombasa.”

Unfortunately, her dad died that night. When she went to visit him the next morning, Evelyn said,

“I did not find him rather his bed was soaked in blood. I asked a patient on the next bed where the man lying next to her was and she responded ‘Huyo alienda jana usiku.’

I did not add one plus one because I was still young so I looked for a nurse and asked her where my dad was and she told me he had died.”

She remembered that day with a lot of sadness.

“He died on Saturday night, It was emotional for us and we did not know how to tell my mum about the death.”


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