Marya Prude and her bro

Marya Prude, a great follower of Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna popularly known as ‘Dad and Mum’ seems to be doing well. She is a happy soul and her social media posts suggest so.

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Marya, who lost her unborn child in December 2019, is very close to her two siblings Sharon Shiku and Raymond Mwangi. She has been posting pics of them on her social media and their bond is outta this world.

Celebrating her sister’s birthday a few weeks ago, Marya posted the heartwarming message below.

It’s my sisters birthday 👻👻👻 honestly lately I’ve been the small sister coz she’s had to hold the fort. We fought a lot when we were younger mostly coz we are so different but now I can never see my life without you Sharonne Shiku Me I love you ❤️ my kasweetie 🤩Happy Birthday Love

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Below are photos of Marya’s brother Raymond Mwangi, go through.

Marya Prude's brother Marya Prude Marya Prude and her bro Marya Prude Ramond Mwangi Marya Prude and her bro

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