Diamond's sons

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz’ son Naseeb Junior is over a month now.

The couple has been holding their son’s face and it seems the will unveil during his 40 days celebration.

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Well, Diamond’s mother Sandra Sanura has been sharing photos of her grandson partly showing off her face.

She shared a photo of Naseeb Junior wearing blue Adidas tracksuit and captioned it, lion.

Below is the photo

Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha’s son Naseeb Junior

Fans of Sandra were quick to point out that Naseeb resemblances his half brother Prince Nillan (Diamond and Zari’s son).

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Check out reactions from fans

dijandong My love Nillan copy😱😱😱😱

Prince Nillan

kendynaomy Wooh twinning na Nee

aishaissa Nillan😍😍😍😍#twinnie

queenmemyssa 🔥🔥🔥mdomo wake kama kaka yake Nillan

adorable_cate Sura ya Nillan

maya_novitch Nillan copy right 👌

emmy_jimmy Looks like Nillan

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jimmy_store Mama yanguu kwelii huyu pacha… So kwa mfananoo uoo

conso_j Anafanana na Nillan

levinaepimac Mdomo tu DNA toshaaaaaa waseme lengine

maggie_beckerm Waaat Nillan copy🙌

Maua Eeeehhh copy and paste ya Diamond

maya_novitch Hamna cha D.N.A hapo hilo domo la mondi

Below are photos which prove that Naseeb is a spitting image of his brother Prince Nillan

Prince Nillan Prince Nillan Prince Nillan Prince Nillan Prince Nillan

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Prince Nillan