Samidoh and John De Mathew

Secular artiste Samidoh has stated that the last conversation he and John De Mathew had, the latter granted him his blessings ahead of his UK tour.

The last time I talked to De Mathew, he had a show in Embu. On 3rd august I was to go for a UK tour but did not manage to due to a few challenges.

De Mathew accident

so I was to attend his show but I told him I could not be available he told me ‘You have never done me wrong so I know you are not refusing’.

‘He was crying,’ Mike Rua on John De Mathew’s painful last moments before death

According to Samidoh, DeMathew was like a father to him and no one can replace him.

De Mathew was like a father to me. Nobody will ever replace him and the music industry will never be the same without him.

The kind of music he used to play cut among all generations,its a challenge to us upcoming artistes to sing such music. I knew him when I was young and he was still a start, he taught me to do music that is listened by all.

Samidoh added,

‘Go do your show you have my blessings’. that Was the last conversation we had.

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