Papa Shirandula’s actress Kawira and her pastor husband Ephy Saint welcomed triplets late last year at a local hospital.


But sadly, one of their three babies passed away. The two were left with a bill of sh3.5 million, which they seem to have cleared after being in hospital for several weeks.

“Hi guys help Kawira wa Papa shirandula to pay for her babies medical bill which is over Ksh 3.5M….To stand with Kawira Go To Mpesa Enter Business No 855461 account no Kawira…She was blessed with Triplets and in the process of delivery one babby died inside the Uterus,” read a message by a friend ,which went viral.

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 Kawira and her husband seem to be enjoying parenthood and for the first time, they’ve shared photos of their children after giving birth.

“I just wanna be that dad that my children would love to emulate, would strive to b a role model, mentor, and a loving daddy. I love and cherish every second with my wife  Kawira Joy their mother. By the grace of God we are and shall be a strong couple that will raise them in a godly way.

It is Furahiday.,” Kawira’s husband posted on social media.

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Kawira is so much in love with her husband and she’s never afraid of proclaiming her love for him even in public. Recently when celebrating their three year wedding anniversary, she showered her pastor husband with lots of praise and her message on Instagram read:

“Be ready to give it your ALL. And SUBMIT to the Man of your dreams aka spouse. Enough said, To My Dearest Husband, Thank you for being understanding, loving, awesome and above all caring. Happy Anniversary Bae. Cheers to us.

It’s been 3yrs. Three years since my tender heart was stolen by a handsome robber who has taken good care of it…

“Truly these are 3yrs of God’s faithfulness. I must agree that it has not been all rosy and smooth. Good news is that My Spiritual Mum @revkathykiuna once told me that you don’t enter Marriage with your own rules.

Here is the photo of Kawira and her young family


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