Bishop Allan Kiuna & his wife Reverend Kathy Kiuna are the new entrants to the grandparents club.

In Case You Missed It, This Is How Kathy Kiuna’s Daughter’s Wedding Went Down (PHOTOS)

This is after their eldest daughter Vanessa Kiuna – who walked down the aisle in December last year – delivered a bouncing baby girl.

The name NIA GIZELLE KIUNA KOVAC has already been picked for the little girl whom the Bishop describes as the most beautiful baby in the world.

He could not hide his joy when he took to social media to break the good news and one would easily understand why being that this is his first grandchild.

“The most beautiful baby in the world. Am now officially a grandfather ????????. Please help celebrate a new life that will definitely impact her generation. Introducing NIA GIZELLE KIUNA KOVAC.”he posted.

Here is the photo:


Before they exchanged vows on Jamuhuri Day last year, her husband Robert Kovac called Bishop Kiuna to seek his permission to propose to his daughter.

It is reported that Bishop Kiuna willingly accepted because he was pleased by the approach that he used.

A few months later, the couple said ‘I do’ at a private wedding ceremony hosted in Runda, Nairobi.

The wedding was dogged by controversy with quite a number expressing disapproval over her gown of choice which they referred to as indecent.

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