Tanasha Donna and Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz are the next celebrity parents in line thanks to their son who is yet to be named.

The power couple is expecting the delivery of their son any time soon and netizens can’t keep calm.

Below are things you need to know about Tanasha and Diamond’s son, a.k.a baby Simba.

1. He will be Tanzanian/Kenyan depending on the place of birth

If he will be born in Tanzania, he will automatically be a Tanzanian citizen.

In Tanzania there are three ways of acquiring citizenship mainly

  • By birth

Any child born within the borders of the United Republic of Tanzania, on or after Union Day, 26 April 1964, is granted citizenship of Tanzania, except for children of foreign diplomats, as stated in the Tanzania Citizenship Act of 1995.

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Tanasha and Diamond
Tanasha and Diamond
  • By descendant

A person born outside Tanzania enjoys a right to Tanzanian citizenship from birth provided that at least one parent is a Tanzanian citizen by birth or naturalization.

  • By Naturalization

Any foreign national with no ancestry or birth ties with Tanzania may apply for citizenship through naturalization

A person acquires Tanzanian citizenship through naturalization if he or she fulfils the requirements established by the state.


There are three ways to being a citizen in Kenya namely.

By birth- A person becomes a citizen if;

  • Their mother or father is a Kenyan citizen.
  • They are found in Kenya when they are less than eight years old, and the nationalities of them and their parents are not known.
  • A person who is a citizen by birth but has ceased to be a citizen is entitled on application to regain Kenyan citizenship.

By registration-The following categories of people qualify to become citizens through registration;

  • A person who has been married to a Kenyan citizen for at least seven years is entitled on application to be registered as a citizen.
  • A person who has been lawfully a resident in Kenya for a continuous period of seven years may apply to be registered as a citizen.
  • A child who is not a citizen but is adopted by a citizen is entitled on application to be registered as a citizen.

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2. The child will have an Islam name

Tanasha’s son will have a Muslim name after all his father has Muslim roots.

3. The child will be a half cast

Tanasha is a half cast. She has Italian and Kenyan roots on the other hand Diamond is a Tanzanian with Muslim roots.

4. He might end up an artiste

It is no secret that Tanasha and Diamond’s son might end up an artist like his parents.

5. He will be Diamond Platnumz 4th child

The child will be Tanasha Donna’s first child but the 4th child to bongo heartthrob, Diamond , as he has 2 kids with his ex-bae Zari Hassan and a son with Hamisa Mobetto.

However, word on the street is that Diamond has another child (5th) with an unidentified another woman from Mwanza.

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