Njugush Actor

Blessed Njugush’s wife, Celestine has finally given birth and both mother and son are in good health and good spirits. 

Njugush took to his Instagram account to thank his wife for the gift of their son and he looks like he is adjusting to his new role as a father rather well. He bought himself and his son matching outfits that look really cute.

This was the message he wrote for his wife in gratitude:

The lord has been faithful….
📷 mama wa kavitz
@celestinendinda asante For this gift, you are that guy yani, who would have thought we be here now?
The other day we were kids, young and full of dreams, thanks for always supporting my Madness, wacha nichukue room aki 🙏

Sjui aitwe yao Ndio tuiitwe /mama/Baba yao 😏
Happy Easter fam