Akothee's daughter on the catwalk with the comedian looking on

Akothee is a proud mother of 5, a fact that she isn’t afraid to keep proclaiming, even calling herself the ‘president of the single mothers.’

Akothee with her five children
Akothee with her five children in the past

Following that vein, she happily posted an image of her daughter Rue on the catwalk.

Her caption read:

I wish I was as disciplined as this at the age of 20 I would be a global model, but your fathers sweets words swayed me, go girl is that @blessednjugush 🤣😂😂

Akothee’s daughter on the catwalk with Blessed-Njugush looking on

While her caption celebrated her daughter it also spoke of comedian, Blessed Njugush.

This ensured that he also prominently featured in the comment section; with his socks and whether he was lusting over Akothee’s daughter being the main topics of conversation.

Blessed-Njugush-on-the-mic at a previous event

Some of the interesting comments are below:

annie_kirethi: Njugush ni nini unaangalia hivo???kwani humjui mama tugi
daisy_dorah: Mimi nimekwama kwa socks za njugush…otek small jothurwa
gathonisparky: See his socks😂😂
trewinsblake: Atleast God gave you such a daughter to fulfill your wish 🔥🔥
tosh_de__gal_gitonga: 😂jugush uwezi potelea wakenyamorris_nduch’s profile picture
morris_nduch: Naona tu Njuguna…socks 😅😅mwaikadu’s profile picture
mwaikadu: 😂😂😂yes he’s mezearing mate
loisewanjikumungai: Waoh🔥🔥 keep it up girl @blessednjugush 😂😂 u very serious
blessed_beryl: @blessednjugush unafanya nini hapo 🙆

The comedian taking in the breeze

Even though people are enjoying Njugush, most are aware that the man is happily married to Celestine Ndinda.

The two have been through thick and thin together and even referred to this in his mother’s day message to his wife.


Part of his message to her read, …’Thanks for always waking up in the morning and going to bed At our home. Its warmer with you. Also you are a sexxy mother….you make it fun mpaka na wish i would be a mother…’

So chill out. Njugush is still in love with his woman. Macho hayana pazia!

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