De Mathew accident

A popular city doctor, whose identity we will conceal has exclusively told what happened at the accident scene where John De Mathew perished. The accident occurred at Blue Post on Sunday night.

I was driving from behind but upon reaching the accident scene I stopped after a man who was standing next to a small car and a lorry waved at me.

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He said the Good Samaritan identified as Peter was trying to stop motorists so that he could remove John De Mathew from his car after ramming into a trailer but no one stopped.

I helped him stop the vehicles which were coming from behind while he removed the singer from the car. The driver of the trailer De Mathew had hit from behind was still in the trailer clueless on what to do. Most motorists refused to stop thinking it was thugs stopping them.

He was angered by some of the motorists who sped off after being asked to stop saying,

Our attitude as Kenyans is bad. We’re supposed to be the first, first aid givers.

The doctor wasn’t aware who the injured motorist until Peter told him it was the legendary Benga artiste John De Mathew, before calling his brother.

He wasn’t talking but was breathing. His legs were still on the brake peddle and upper body between the two front seats. He was bleeding from the forehead and didn’t utter a word. His eyes were closed,’ he explained.


Peter is the one who also called the police. 

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He continued,

After removing him from the wreckage people were not willing to take him to hospital. No one wanted to offer him a lift to hospital. We had to use a matatu, which had no passengers to ferry him to hospital.

John was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

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