Don Kipkorir
Don Kipkorir

Larry Madowo’s lawyer has close to zero chills. After Iconic singer Achieng Abura passed on, he went h.a.m on Kenyans calling them hypocrites who did nothing to help her when she needed help. Basically he told them shove your RIP messages where the sun don’t shine. Now, he has written an open letter to business magnate Chris Kirubi…

‘Stop The Hypocrisy!’ Larry Madowo’s Lawyer SCREAMS At Celebrities Sending RIP Messages To Achieng Abura

Lawyer Don Kipkorir has penned an open letter to Chris Kirubi explaining why he did not honour a VVIP invite to attend the grand opening of Two Rivers mall.

Don explains,

Dearest Dr. Kirubi,

Receive my most hearty congratulations on your official opening of Two Rivers Mall. Though i received your VVIP invitation to attend the opening, my daughters were on half term from School and I had promised to take them on holiday. We went to Saruni Samburu, an expansive and most peaceful 220,000 acres Conservancy but as it should, there is no television or newspapers.

He continued, “Take this, as my public apology for not making to attend, and for my highest respect and felicitations. Am humbled to call you my friend, Donald.”
Incase you missed this, Chris Kirubi’s car was also an attraction at the grand opening.
Here is what Don was doing with his daughter.

“Came to Saruni Samburu, a luxury lodge in 225,000 acres Kalamba Conservancy, to spend the weekend with the girls in my life. A paradise in the wilderness,” Don wrote.



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