Gospel star Willy Paul is at the tail end of an online attack after he posted a photo sandwiched between two pretty mzungu women. The Sitolia singer is not new to controversy, he has been linked to may women and some have accused him of propositioning them on social media. One pretty young thing, claimed that Willy Paul invited her for a “Bible Study” at his house at 11pm. She even posted the Instagram DMs on her page while calling him out.

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Just recently, Willy Paul was blasted by fans after he posted a photo on his Instagram page standing next to Nairobi Women Representative, Rachel Shebesh. The photo was taken at one of Nairobi’s posh restaurants presumably after a date of some sort.

“Just had a wonderful meeting with Hon. Shebesh,” Willy Paul captioned the photo.

Willy Paul’s Date With Rachael Shebesh Raises Eyebrows

Now, the star is on the hot seat again after posting this photo.

willy paul playa1

And wrote,

“Mmh mabinti walinichanganya….”

His fans were not amused.

Eve Reborn wrote: “Watazidi tu kukuchanga if u don’t repent,u guys u better stop playing with Gods name,enda to secular onces,I hate seeing Gods mission n name played with,#nohardfelngs coz cjataja mtu.”
Peterson Gitonga wrote, “I agree, there is no diff btwn willy Paul n the secular artists.”

Jane Njoki added, “Don’t let them confuse you willy koz some of them look like a passing clouds so get focused on what’s on your mind bro when time comes God will going to bless you with a good lady and someone who won’t disappoint you in life.”

An angry Violny Seanice wrote, “Ntiz willy pozee i think unacheza na Godsana.God wil always remain to be God si et munguree,mwenyezire.ileti shangwe or else hama from gospel.”

One fan defended the star, Sophiah Wamuyu Kariuki wrote: “Kwendeni,let him be unless hs gay!kwani pic n nn?nyi wenyewe mna plan gani da worst xamples!madame wenyewe vichapo 2kubaly yaishe…”