Cate Gachara

Life can hand you buckets and buckets of lemons. The best you can do is suck your teethe, smile and keep sipping that lemonde.

Sip. Sip. Sip until you can afford a sweetener to even out the tangy taste.

For Catherine Gachara a.k.a Cate from Rongai, she has had her share of acidic and bitter lemonade and now she is out to get that sweetener.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Are You A White Man Looking To Settle? Meet Cate Gachara!

Cate GacharaCate took to the CBD to advertise that she is looking for a white husband. She is tired of African men because they have taken advantage of her and left her to raise three kids solo.

One Kenyan Man who proved her theory was spot on, posted some lascivious comment asking if she can give him a taste of her nunu to sample. After all she is advertising herself, isn’t she?

Mwalimu Ochiel Kawara commented on the photo and wrote

“Wapi namba?? Na ya kuonja kwanza iko ..heheheee”

Cate was interviewed by a freelance photojournalist called Raphael Njoroge. She revealed that the reason she specifically wants a mzungu hubby is because her baby daddy left her high and dry.

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“I will do this till I get a hubby, ” she said adding that she will consider any mzungu from any nationality “bora ni white. Because African men have given me children and left.”

Cate said, “I grew up in a children’s home in Nakuru. I was brought up by a German lady.”

Check out the interview by Raphael Njoroge which he posted on his social media platforms.

Cate is the second lady to seek a hubby in this way. A while back another woman was photographed on the streets of Nairobi with a placard calling for a husband. Priscilla Njeri landed three potential dates after whittling down the number of suiters, jokers amd mafisi sacco members.

“I took numbers and noted down the men who were serious. It is only yesterday that I turned on my phone, it was switched off. I have three potential dates this Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I selected these three men because they were consistent in their communication. They always texted goodnight and called to find out how I’m faring.”

Nyambura says she is an orphan and was left to her own devices at the tender age of eight years, when she got her first job as a house girl.

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“I was forced to get an identity card at age 14 because that was the only way I could get my own independence. None of my relatives cared about how I lived. I did not even go to school, my level of education is up to class one. To date, they don’t care how I have survived. We only meet at family functions, when there is a burial. That is how they know I’m still alive,” Nyambura said.

“The reason I’m looking for a husband is because I left the woman I was working for and want to build a home of my own. During this period I have been propositioned by men who want to put me up in a house but not marry me. I have a daughter and I want to set a good example for her. If I meet a man whom I can build a life with, I don’t care if they don’t have money, status or a good job. As long as they have a sense of family.”

Here are some opinions from Kenyans who saw Cate’s makeshift billboard advert for a white hubby.

Grace Angel: May GOD meet her needs she look stressed May Good remember her and her kids.

Omwenga ‘Albo’ Nyakundi: She is over rating herself 😅😅😅smh! Gold digging imekuwa live live biz! Cheki hapo chini “no jokers please” 😅😅😅dead!

Ann Gichuhi: Woooiyi ata kukuwa single still better kwani si tumekufa??angojee Gods time is always good…white husband 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jessie Nyambura: Woooh aki me dead 😂white man indeed kwani what has happened to black men of Kenya 😂wait upon the Lord be faithful to him n wait for his promises God’s tym is the best

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Jon Okello: Si wa change sheria kwa bunge “every white man entering the country must leave with a Ngong wife” majority kwa bunge inatosha.,,

Nyalo Millie Karen: It’s extremely hard to be a single mum,wat pains the most is to see ur kid or kids without food.. I refuse to judge this lady coz am a single mum

Lucy Kiarie: Next itakuwa ni mimi, I am telling you raising a kid alone it’s not easy. Then the Kenyan men they always Take advantage of single mums. May God be with her.

Selector Terminal: Some of these ladies are single mums by choice si ati wanaume ni wabaya

John Papaz: But to me she seems well up n as you can see she just need a white hubby but from the current situation and looks without judging as the bible doesn’t allow one to, she’z fine

Melanie Foi: I speak peace to whatever that woman is going through that makes her do this kinda of a thing, you never know

Judy Alston Mccain: May God grant your need, all the best gal it’s need courage to do that,

Knish Ndirangu Elizah: May the God answer her prayers