julie gichuru

TV Personalities Julie Gichuru and Jeff Koinange celebrate their birthdays today. Their special day coincides with that of Raila Odinga. They are among the most influential public figures in Kenya and Being a Thursday in January, I have three key things that they can do together to enjoy the day and I’m sure they would have fun while at it!

Family dinner

Since their day to day schedules are busy, they can catch up for dinner at one of their residences. They can tag some of their family members along and share a meal. It would be awesome. They could then put on some of their favorite songs, have a DJ play in the background so that he can attend to their requests. They can then use the hashtag #JJRBirthday on social media to keep us updated. Guys, make this happen – even though it’ll be a belated effort.

Movie out

They can watch Spectre or Joy together – hoping their won’t be underage kids in the mix. I’d so love to get an invite to join them for the experience. It would be cool observing the nuances on their faces after the movie…just to know who cries when they watch emo scenes. Jeff, reach out when you see this.

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Host a show together

It’d be a great show…just imagine Julie Gichuru and Jeff Koinange co-hosting Raila on National TV, not to talk politics, but to talk about indulgent stuff. Like what they love doing for fun – especially on a late night show. It’d sound like Jimmy Fallo x Katie Couric. BTW, Other celebrities who were born today include Katie and Nicolas Cage. If they can talk about his best movies that would be PERFECT. Any other ideas on what they can do today or tomorrow? Hit me up on my Instagram @harunmomanyi or leave your interesting ideas in the comment section below.