Kenyans are mourning the passing of award winning author Binyavanga Wainaina.

Binyavanga passed away on Tuesday, May 21 at 10PM after suffering a stroke.

May he rest in peace.

One of Binyavanga’s last stories he penned for Africa Is A Country website, detailed how he would have loved to remember everyone who died for Kenya.

Remember their lives through stories told about them.

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The article titled, “Memorializing all Kenya’s terror victims” was published on the website in 2015,but Binyavanga shared the link on his Facebook page.

It was one of his last Facebook posts.

Part of the article reads,

“I want to go to a place … where we can find the names of all those who have died for Kenya since 1963.”

Adding, “I want to know their names. I want to walk and walk, listen and witness know the lives of those no longer visible to me, but whose blood mattered. I want the children I may once have to go there and visit and walk through our stories. I want all schools to go there.”

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He continued, “We are not a nation if we can’t properly and fully memorialize each and every citizen we lose. I want to see the names ages and photographs of those who died in Mpeketoni. Those killed during PEV. Stories. Forgetting is not good.”

He concluded, “My heart is dull with pain, and I feel the pull to cover it all with that hard, now familiar Kenyan cynicism and move on, which really means suck the very remaining soul of it dry.”

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