After spending 7 years in jail, the video vixen in the popular Binti Kiziwi song, has spoken about her stint in jail.

She returned back to Tanzania by 2019.

Speaking to Bongo 5, Sandra Khan revealed that after she was nabbed the only people who stayed in touch were her family.

All her friends disappeared.

Sandra who has a child said, she regretted missing out on being a mother.

In the interview she said she was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw her son whom she left when he was four years old.

She went ahead to ask for forgiveness from her countrymen and her family.

Asked if she will get back with  her ex-boyfriend, bongo star Z Anto, she said, “Only time will tell.”

Z Anto said they broke up three years before Sandra was arrested for drug trafficking.

While in jail, Sandra kept herself busy by studying  a course in Human Resource and Psychology.

Now back in Tanzania, she is trying to get something to do.

“Nimeamua kumuweka tena Binti Kiziwi kwenye video ya wimbo wangu mpya wa ‘Nichape’ kwasababu muda alioupoteza akiwa jela China ni mwingi, alifahamika kupitia Muziki nikaona nimrudishie hadhi yake na jina lake, itamsaidia kufanya biashara zake nyingine kama saloon,” Z Anto.