Gordon Ogada

Gordon Paul Ogada was the luckiest man two weeks ago and the envy of many by the Sportpesa betting family.

He walked a way with a whooping SportPesa Mega Jackpot amounting to Shs 230,742,881 and all he placed was Ksh 100.

Gordon Ogada

This is enough money to last you a lifetime but he did not stop there.

Gordon said that even after he won the money, he was back at it betting again and won ksh200,000.

Songa kando Abisai? Meet Gordon Ogada, the new millionaire Kenyan women can’t stop talking about (photos)


I think he would have just helped someone who was in serious need of the money.

He said:

Even after I was announced the Jackpot winner, I still placed bets and won Sh200, 000.”

Gordon Ogada

Huyu ni betting genius ama?

Gordon said that one should make betting a hobby so in a day, three bets should be the least one makes if you really want to win some monies!

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