Phenny Awiti

Columnist and activist Phenny Awiti has revealed that she was depressed after finding out she had HIV/AIDs and was to take ARVs for the rest of her life.

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The mother of three kids [who are all HIV negative] has been on ARVs for 12 years now and sharing her experience to encourage other HIV positive patients she wrote,

The first time I knew I was to take ARVs for the rest of my life, I became depressed and so negative towards this. Remember in 2008, we had all the billboards of UKIMWI UNAUA and I felt like they were all screaming in my ears!
People would give assumptions on how big those pills were, and you needed to cut them into half for you to have them, This was so depressing. Then my counselor finally showed me the pills, in different colours and shapes, I knew I wasn’t going to hack this. HIV might be normalized now, but there is someone who discovered they are positive today, this is not normal for them. Twelve years on ARVs, going through the side effects of all kinds have been so stressful. But things that keep me going are the support system I receive around me, and my adorable kids. So keep going, keep owning your story, keep living through it, keep being consistent in your values and beliefs.

Phenny Awiti

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Awiti, who uses social media to create awareness on HIV/AIDs always inspires many and below are the reactions to her post.

Viv Neema Oketch I just love how you communicate to someone out there, someone who was afraid of the drugs, someone out there who lost hope after knowing his/her status. You are an inspiration to many bravoo aphee

Lucy Wambui I thank God We have strong Ladies like you 💪💪 God Bless you Phenny

Divinar Joseph An I aspiration you have fought

Shynies Amina In love with that confidence, bravo sweetheart

Mish Mchina I just love the strength in this woman’s soul. Hugs dear

Jane Maina You impress me daily …. I am much in love with your spirit. And the courage you got

Adhiambo Otama Your faith and commitment will turn your story into glory soon and very soon because we serve a miracle-working God

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