Bill Cosby is back in the news again for all the wrong reasons! The elderly comedian apparently admitted to drugging a lady in a deposition some years back. Wait, I am getting ahead of myself. Some of us live under rocks so we will have to be updated.A few months ago, several ladies crept out from under the proverbial woodwork alleging rape by none other than Bill Cosby. The incidences caused quite the furor with skeptics asking why it took so long and why incidences that occurred in the 70s and 80 were being brought up now.

Personally, I am just scarred. My childhood has been ruined. but away from that, on the local scene, there is one person who can relate to the accusations in their entirety having been accused himself of things of a similar nature.

Kevin Provoke.

the man was sensationally accused by one of the artists under his label -Mumbi, of harassment. Then rapper Xtatic came out blazing


Top kenyan Producer Accused Of Sexually Harassing His Female Artists Attacked By Rapper Xtatic

For those of you not in the know, Mumbi came out and accused Kevin Provoke of harassment upto and including sexual. Mr. Provoke was not having none of that and when I spoke to him he claimed they were in a relationship and she was cheating on him.
That story became a cesspit of he said-she said. Let us leave it at that.

When Xtatic came into the picture, she had this to say about all that:

Kevin Provoke
Stop making calls to everybody about Christine Mumbi and MOVE ON!!!!!!!you know what happened even if you want to convince the whole world to depend on only your side of the story. Everyone has moved on,no one is talking about it,it’s only on you to do the same.

Also Stop with the Xtatic this Xtatic that. My loyalty is to honest and genuine people.i can’t deal with liars. STOP LYING TO PEOPLE AND WORK on yourself.

Check out the rest of what she had to say on the article linked above in Blue. I am just sitting here and thinking to myself,

“Hmm… damn! Sucks to be Bill Cosby. Uhm… Guess I wouldn’t know but Kevin Provoke sure can relate!”

As far as I know, no charges ever were brought up against Kevin Provoke but seeing as he has been accused and he responded to the accusations, I am sure he knows the feels