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So grab your stool and read on for this weeks udaku.

Wilson Mutura and his wife Anne Muhonja made headlines after their 100 bob wedding, which was held at the Community Christian Worship Church in Kasarani on Sunday, January 22, generated interest where their simplistic life and pure love for each other touched  many.

Well, the young couple has been living happily ever after and Anne is heavily pregnant with their first child. The excited Mutura has been sharing photos on social media just to give us a glimpse into their everyday life. Mpasho caught up with the couple to find out how they are doing.

It turns out things aren’t good. The man has gone back to selling apples to earn a living.

Award-winning gospel artiste Linet Munyali popularly known as Size 8 has opened up about her humble family background while living in Nairobi’s Eastlands Estate of Maringo.

The singer, known for her hit single Mateke, has revealed how hard it was for her family to make ends meet, and how, at one point, they had to steal to survive.

There is a pregnancy on Nairobi D that no one knew about. This is none other than Michelle Yola.

And the reason behind her and Prezzo’s very complicated break up is because Prezzo found out Michelle Yola was pregnant through the very same grapevine that Mpasho tapped into for the information and Pezzo went into a tizzy.

According to the story told, he has been desperately trying to track her down for a sitdown because he might be looking to be involved in the child’s life.

Popular rapper and Nairobi Diaries reality star Colonel Mustafa aka alias Uncle Mus alias Lipunda was involved in an accident on Sunday morning, a day after his fellow Nairobi Diaries actor Luwi.

The car he was driving, a Nissan Murano, veered off the road and rolled into a ditch leaving him with neck and arm injuries. Mustafa was rushed to Nairobi Hospital, where he received treatment and went back home, where he is recuperating. He was in the company of two friends.

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