Big Pin in the ambulance

Big Pin has had a terrible Monday. Yesterday morning, Chrispin Mwangale otherwise known as Big Pin collapsed at Hallmark Offices and was rushed to Aga Khan hospital.

Big Pin in the ambulance

Medics termed his condition as a minor Cardiac arrest and he is currently undergoing treatment at Agakhan hospital.

The retired rapper is rembered for his song “Natafuta” and his numerous collaborations with artists such as Amani, Patonee, the late K- Rupt and E- Sir, Nameless, Collo, Kleptomaniax, Habib and Sanaipei Tande just to name a few.

Big Pin with other stars
The rapper on the extreme right

Big Pin was also a part of the group known as Pirates, with their first recording comprising of six songs among them the popular Jo.

He revealed that his musical inspiration was the late Tupac Shakur. One of his biggest accomplishments was his “Natafuta” video, which won him a 2004 Kora Award for the Best Male Artiste in East Africa.

Big Pin
The rapper performing

We called his brother to Phillip to find out more details. He said:

“He was having a board meeting in Hallmark. Then he collapsed and was taken to Aga Khan. From there he was put on an ambulance and taken to the main Aga Khan hospital.”

Big Pin in the ambulance

When I inquired how a young man could have had such a serious issue that normally afflicts older people, he responded:

“It runs in the family. It is genetic.”

Phillip insisted that the doctor had informed the family that it the incident was minor and that Big Pin was kept at the hospital overnight for observation.

Big Pin in the ambulance

He also said that the former rapper might be released today. He will also be given medications for his condition.

Big Pin in the ambulance

Let us hope the father of one recovers from this health scare.

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