Mike Sonko and Joe Kariuki are some of the biggest spenders in the political arena who spend their money for the benefit of the poor. But there is a new entrant into the scene who has been doing his charitable deed for the many a day without the spotlight landing on him but now we have discovered just who he is.


Henry Waswa is the man who is doing what he can for the people of Western Kenya.

Having made a fortune of well north of 100 million shillings through his various business ventures (a fete he attests was only possible through God), Henry Waswa has decided to be a blessing to his people.
And so he is looking to invest in other younger people in aim to give back to society ensuring that majority of young people in his region realize their maximum potential and this he has done by for example paying school fees for numerous kids in Western Kenya and supporting various football clubs in Western region.

And it’s this commitment and sacrifice which has attracted many and Henry Waswa is now being urged to vie for a political seat in the region so keep your eyes open for the next Obama or rather a younger version of him.