Oh my word! If you do believe in a God then continue praying. If you do not, I am about to give you a reason to.


For those of you who do not know him, his name is Big Kev (Kevin Ombajo) and he is one of the biggest names in¬† the entertainment scene from a “boss” perspective. The number of people he has helped through his work as an events organizer is too long for me to get into but I will give you one example; Jaguar.


But back to the matter at hand. Big Kev for a long time has been battling against what was believed to be a malignant brain tumour but in 2013, he underwent surgery and had what is believed to have been parasites (taenia solium cysts) removed from his brain.

Big Kev has just undergone yet another surgery, this time in Australia and is currently recuperating:



As I mentioned earlier, the last time round, surgeons removed what is believed to have been parasites.


Steel your nerves and then take a look at what parasites they removed from his brain the last time round: