Bien Aime Baraza
Bien Aime Baraza

Sauti Sol’s vocalist Bien Baraza revealed how he was taken to boarding school at the age of 10 something he hated.

According to Baraza, taking away your child or children to a boarding school creates a huge gap between the parent and the child and in most cases, such children end up growing up into ‘bad people’.

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Bien Aime Baraza“I went to boarding school in class 5. I was 10 years old. I know often children don’t know what they want but I was pretty sure I hated being there. At the time my parents thought boarding schools were an end goal to good results and grooming responsible citizens. Even during the holidays they left for work and came back when I was asleep.

Now I’m all grown up and I realize how much it robbed me of a relationship with my parents. Especially my dad because I was always a mama’s boy. He’s always surprised by some of my habits and abilities. I bet some of the parents of the kids involved in high school arson incidents are often surprised by their kids. But if you’re only allowed to see them once in three months and sporadically during the holidays that’s the result. 

At a time when you need to be with them the most, you leave it to a teacher and peer pressure to raise them for you. I’m not saying kids in day schools are less likely to be involved in some crazy stuff but at least you can see them and nip the craziness in the bud before it gets out of hand. I am a full anti boarding activist.”

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Bien’s story has gone viral and here is what Kenyans had to say;

Marian: Boarding school has become that place parents who want to feel better about their absence in their children’s life take their kids. I went to boarding school in class four and I can say its still a nightmare and can’t think why I should take my kids.

Sophy: I wholly agree with you. I hated boarding schools with my whole being. I believe boarding school messed me and I’ll never recover.
My kids will never see the door of a boarding school, even in high school

Hellen: From my boarding school experience I thank God I demystified the myth of brainwashing kids that it is the only path to passing exams. My boys in a local day school secondary n no regrets. Though the community has a thousand and one questions am anti boarding schools intelligence is no reason

Juma: I hated boarding and now that i am a parent no child of mine will go through the same. Not while I am alive, NEVER.

Annie: I went to boarding school in high school and my children shall also go to Boarding schools in High school. I pledge to bring up my children in a proper manner so that they can be of great help to themselves and the society at large. I shall instil discipline, respect, kindness and love for God and others, not things, So help me God.

Sherry: Was in boarding school from class six to class 8 n it traumatised me. Waking up at 4 am to be beaten coz of exams was terrifying. To make it worse it was in Limuru cold AF. My two girls will not experience that

Lillian: I agree boarding school is a way of parents running away from parental responsibility. Let’s take total charge of our children. That’s the only safety.

Seraphine: I second you…I was in boarding ..up to date I hate the experience. I underwent… None of my children… Will go.

Eustus: Being in a primary boarding school was my worst nightmare.

Ruth: Dumping children in boarding schools especially when they need primary care is not the best option.

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