15 teeth are half your dental formula!

And Bien left his on the streets of Nairobi after a drunk driver ran him over. And now you know the scariest experience he has ever had to experience in his life.

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Aye, now you know but to find out what exactly happened and how it happened, you have to keep reading.
And what transpired was:

“Nishaigongwa na gari na nikapoteza meno 15, Niligongwa na gari hapo railways na mtu amelewa tu iyo barabara ya Kenyan Cinema kama unaenda Railways. Huyo mtu alikuja wrong side akanipiga kwa magoti puf! Sura ikagonga windscreen.” 

And what happened next you ask? Well, he picked himself up, dusted himself off and made his way to hospital. Yeah right!

He woke up in a hospital bed less afew teeth -less half his dental formula. and since then he has a phobia of having to cross roads.