Joey Muthengi

If there is one person in media who is under pressure to get married, it is Joey Muthengi.

Fans and even colleagues keep asking her utaoa lini. She finally answered her fans and Frasha to be precise.

Joey Muthengi posted a picture of her sister who got married recently and the wedding looked quite expensive and of course, Joey killed it. The comments on that picture made Joey open up.

Something Joey has been throwing all over her social media is that she is dating a governor, which one? we have no idea.

So Joey Muthengi looking all gorgeous posted a picture of her sister and husband. Then the comments flooded.

Frasha from P-unit commented saying:

Your next #lafamilia

This is what sparked some comments. Another fan asked when her wedding will be and Joey had an answer:

Next year 😅

Then the governor story came up again. So yes, Joey is dating a certain governor. But who could this be who is not married?

From the many comments on when she was getting married, she posted another picture after a long day at the wedding and posted:

Tired but happy. Showed Governor your comments, asked him when our church wedding is akasema tutapanga pole pole 😅😅. Seriously tho. #BibiYaGovernor

Joey Muthengi

You heard it from the horse’s mouth herself. So stop giving her pressure, her time is coming and it will be as soon as next year.

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Joey confessed during their money show, Daybreak that she loves old men. So now that we have enough hints, we need to unveil who this old governor is. We just hope she is not settling to become a second wife.

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