She has such grace, elegance and poise. When she walks, dresses, dances, the world pays attention. Her everything, including the hair stays in place. And not to mention that she is very beautiful.

Now, every woman wants a piece of her looks. I am talking Beyonce, the American singer, song writer, record producer, actress, mother and wife.

She can look good. No, beautiful. No stunning! Have you watched her videos and wished you could get a little of her looks?

I want to tell you that personally, I have! And because I know what you are thinking, I want to give you an amazing opportunity to have those better-than-Beyonce looks.

I am talking gooooood looking hair. You know, really good? Those hair brands that stars out there rock are now here in Nairobi. Guess with who?

Hair company BeautyClick!

These amazing hair and beauty professionals are expanding their product line of premium human hair extensions by offering other weaves that are heat resistant, tangle free, cost effective and easy to manage.

This will take the market by storm, as genuine human hair products have previously been very expensive to buy.

The new hair line products can be worn straight or styled with a hot tool to achieve several curl patterns. Each bundle contains approximately 4 Oz of hair and prices as low as KES 4,000/= for a full head look.

“It’s hair that looks and feels like human hair but lasts longer compared to ordinary hair weaves”, says Jesper. It comes with a unique full head package together with a closure or fringe to achieve a protective hairstyle so customers can be guaranteed of a greater value for their money.

With a winning combination of more than 700 hair professionals and stylists, BeautyClick will introduce a new high end heat resistant weave collection that ladies on a budget will absolutely love. The company specializes in Peruvian, Indian and Brazilian human hair from 12 to 20 inch lengths.

The hair has smooth texture and is effortlessly manageable. According to the Sales and Marketing Manager of BeautyClick, Linda Bosibori, the heat resistant weaves will be available for purchase on

With each complete package, ladies can expect thick, long, voluminous hair, with a complete full-head look, together with a closure or fringe to complete the style.


This will be the very first time the products are introduced to the Kenyan market. The hair products are more affordable to the average Kenyan.

Founder and chairman of BeautyClick, Jesper Drecher, says that the new hair products are renowned for their heat resistant features and good volume that allows them to hold curls beautifully.

“Consumers have been asking for more affordable and quality hair weaves and BeautyClick has responded by bringing our new range of hair products,” said Chris Nyaga, the company spokesman.

For more information, visit http:/ or call 0700 55 24 56 for assistance.