Sorry, but your favorite site might take a little bit longer to load this week. This is following an announcement by The East African Marine System (TEAMS CABLE) that there will be downtime due preventive maintenance works which will take up to one week to complete. 

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According to TEAMS CABLE, the maintenance works which are aimed at enhancing the security of the cable at UAE Off-Shore will cause a downtime from 20th – 28th July 2016.

“During the time of complete system downtime, estimated at a maximum of 10 days, customers are likely to experience slow Internet speeds because of bandwidth constraints as A result of limited traffic restoration via other cable systems,” TEAMS General Manager Joel Tanui

Below is the full statement from the company that is partly owned by the Kenyan government and telecomunication companies like Telkom Kenya, Liquid Telecom Kenya, Jamii Telecom, Wananchi Telecom, Access Kenya Group and Bandwidth and Cloud Services Group.



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