Betty Kyallo has been trending on social media but that hasn’t deterred her from doing her best. The Flair by Betty CEO seems unbothered by trolls and recently in an interview with the Star, she said;

I stopped being angry at haters because everybody is dealing with some sort of thing in their lives. There’s no one who’s perfect, even me. People look at me and say, ‘Betty I want to be happy like you’, but they don’t know the struggles we go through. Even the richest of the richest is struggling with something. And therefore, I just decide to ignore trolls. When I see something positive, I react to it and take it in. But anything that’s negative, supposed to downgrade me or demoralize me, I feel zero. It doesn’t get to me. I don’t believe in hating other people.

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After her story was published in the Nairobian, Betty Kyallo’s family has come out to defend her.  Her mother advised her daughter to ignore any distractions and focus on the positive things. She said;

Strong is the woman from my womb. Shine, shine mum. Funga masikio and focus on greatness.

The sexy siren’s family is very supportive of her, and her younger sister responded to the Nairobian story, saying;

Nothing shakes us. Moving on.

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Betty and her brother Brian Msafiri are very tight, and in a past interview she revealed;

When growing up, he was like our father. He was strict and very tough with us. I used to fear him more than I would fear my mother. But the things he did for us gave us great personalities and characters. His ‘ruling’ really helped us, especially in our careers, and I thank him a lot for what he did when we were younger.