Hee!! Good Samaritans are still among us. Thanks to them, Betty Kyallo’s day was saved after she got into a bit of a fix.

We all know how Betty loves cars. She is passionate about heavy machines and flashy luxury rides.

It’s even reported that she once had a drag race with Darshan Chandaria.

Check out the details here.

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Yesterday she had her share of car troubles. Her car got a puncture and she did not know what to do. Here is how she documented the issue.

“A few years back when I was younger, whenever i got a flat tyre I would change the flat tyre myself. But then i grew up and started wearing heels and skirts, short ones sometimes. And then now you cannot change a tyre, so growing up is not too much fun after all,” Betty Kyallo Said in an Insta-story

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While she was still contemplating what to do when her knight in shinning armour showed up.

Betty said, “What happens right  now is that when you get a flat tyre you just act like a damsel in distress and then now, the boys come. Many, maaaany. They even fight to help you out. Oh gosh, I’m not complaining.”

A few minutes later she added, “Everything has been fixed, it is time to go. Thank God for rubber. Not that kind of rubber but rubber like the thing for tyres.”

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