Janet Mbugua and Betty Kyallo

Kenyans have called out Betty Kyallo for her unending love for food when shooting her show Weekend with Betty which airs on K24.

For those who might have watched the show, Betty has a tendency of asking if there is food, be it lunch or breakfast before the shoot begins.

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In instances where the guest does not cook, they always end up eating out and the fans have noticed that owing to that, Betty is supposedly gaining weight.

One fan wrote

‘Huyu @BettyMKyallo ananona juu ya kukula kula kwa wenyewe.’ 

To which Betty responded.

Kwani sikulangi kwangu?

Below are some more reactions with some people coming out to defend Betty

@SamStep27927131: Yaani Betty akiingia tu kwa mlango ye huuliza ama kuna chai ni ukweli mwili huwa hujengwi na mawe.
@AgapetusWamalwa: Mwambie hata mwili haiendi na kukula au kutokula. Yote ni mapenzi na maumbile ya Mungu.
@Amosdigitals: Betty tell him you know how to cook. Then invite the niggar to a restaurant near you and buy him a lunch.
@oeclaver: Dem akipigwa shtiki poa….pia yy hunona.
@KenyaaObama: Na imgne mi naona kama ni kionjo…bado utaongeza my friend.
@CarlitozCyrus: Betty usiwe na makasiriko cha muhimu ni kujenga mwili
Personally, I think people should just let Betty be, akiskia atanona mpaka apasuke, it’s her life.
Body shaming should be a thing of the past, helloooo.

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