Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has finally narrated how she got a scar on her neck and why she had been hiding it for the longest time. The local Kenyan news anchor said that she was knock down by a matatu at Railways as she walked.

When i was in form three back in 2005, i was 17  years, I was walking in tao and then this matatu came, hits me hapo Railways, i was underneath the matatu and it was moving, the left part of my face got scrapped off by the road. All of it, I was white up until my neck.

After being rushed to hospital, she stayed there for months and underwent surgeries.

I stayed in hospital for about two months because i have seven surgeries. I was in a really bad state.For like four months i sued to get sacred of walking on the streets because people would look at me and be sorry for me.

Adding that:

Slowly by slowly my skin started coming back. The scar on my neck didn’t completely heal.

Betty Kyallo

Betty says that she no longer hides the scar that was left on her neck but rather embraces it as a signs of where she has come from.

So for a long time, even after i went on air, i kept on wearing high collared shirts to hide the scar, until one time i was like I have come from so far, this is not a scar, its a jewel, it reminds me of where i’ve come from.

Betty Kyallo

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