Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo

Guys things are thick. Dennis Okari called out Betty Kyallo and her parenting style in a recent interview with Nairobi News.

Dennis is not happy with the way his daughter, Ivanna, is being exposed on social media by the KTN news anchor.

He told Nairobi News:

 “My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting, she deserves to grow up quietly and no one including myself as her father should interfere with her rights to privacy,” Dennis Okari said.

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Dennis_Okari_Betty_KyalloDennis and Betty are in the process of getting a divorce. This is after a much talked about wedding ceremony that set the standards in that sector.

“This was the first mistake. Many young people do this. You want to do things because it is right. I was a personality and I wanted the baby to be born in an institution of marriage. But when we started preparations for the traditional wedding, the cracks started to show. A week and a half to the ceremony, certain things about me were said by my partner’s family, and my family found out. They weren’t happy,” Betty Kyallo said in a past interview with True Love.

She continued, “When I gave birth to Ivanna, it was not possible to have my mum come in to help me. I struggled with her alone because my mum never felt welcomed in our home. Plus the circumstances around the failed traditional wedding ceremony never really went away. There was always tension around us, between the two families, even us. And I felt I was not being protected by him when it came to his family,” said the tearful Betty.

Eventually, the celebrity couple separated. Betty revealed,

“What disturbed me the most was that he had never fought for us – Ivanna and I. Even when I said I was leaving he said nothing. He did not fight for me to stay.”

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 Betty Kyallo

Betty then moved out with her daughter and started her own life and shockingly, ever since they broke up, she says Okari has never inquired about their daughter.

“Going through the whole separation, I lost so many friends. They were all there at the wedding but when things got rough, they ran away. They later returned and said they were ‘giving me time’ to get over everything. We really need to be each other’s keepers and sadly they are not my friends anymore,” said Betty added.

However, in a very recent interview with The weekend Star newspaper, Betty spoke about her co-parenting status with Dennis.


“I would really like to keep that very private. Maybe sooner or later, I will be able to talk about it, but for now, I would just rather not and keep it off the media.”

Now Betty just laughed off all the furore caused by Dennis calling for more privacy for his daughter and a complete ban on social media postings of her mages.

In her latest Instagram post, Betty wrote:

“Some things tickle me😅 eeeh my guy! Laleni tam🤗 Mengine baadaye 😎.”

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It is not clear if she finds Dennis’ claims laughable or she was referring to something else, but me thinks that the message in the post and the timing it was posted has nothing to do with coincidence.

Mehn, maybe I’m just too jaded.

Anyhow, here is what her two fans said about her post.

lizzydumido: @bettymuteikyallo nilijua tu utakua tickled so is me, hahaha my guy.

bhucco: Yes Betty, it’s important to consider. Don’t brush off and don’t be misadvised. Look at the positive side of it. Good day.

If this is an indication of the upcoming divorce case, then we should ll brace for a bitter battle in the child custody arena.

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